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It was a sleepless night that I started this blog. I’ve held the intent to start a blog for long before then but it took a combination of caffeine and toxic opinionated commentary to pull me from my inaction; I guess it’s the only thing I have to thank for my habit of lurking forums late into the night.

I’ve a habit of overthinking things but have, in recency, come to appreciate the joys that acting spontaneously can bring;  for one, this blog would never come to be and I’d have stayed eternally apprehensive of doing, well… pretty much anything. I do want to emphasize here that I am in no way advocating YOLO culture; it’s nice to step out of your bounds but you might still want to stay within the bounds of your physical body.

I’d like to thank OG from Yurination for helping bring attention to my blog since it’s inception, as well as to the community for it’s warm reception to this newcomer. I enjoy being able to express myself here and it is liberating to know that my thoughts are being shared with people worlds apart. This may be a small blog, but it makes me feel like a slightly less tiny speck in the ever growing narrative of the world.

Feel free to leave comments; I do enjoy reading your opinions.


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