First Post of the Year – My Trip to Japan

A picture

The new year has begun, and I’m going to start off by keeping this blog active (1 post every 3 months is still active by my incredibly low standards). Thinking back, I realized I never really announced I was going on this trip, so first on the list is to make some mends.

“Hi everyone, I’m going to have traveled to Japan 3 weeks ago, wish me luck!”

Of course, the shrines and castles are iconic features of the land.

Omu-rice and Ema Wishing Plaques, which I take most of you are familiar with. You should really take a moment to appreciate their egg though, it’s so fluffy and well shaped; in comparison, I tend to get a piece of charcoal when I’m trying to cook an egg.


Here’s a masterpiece courtesy of my friend who truly has a profound understanding of aesthetics.

The Loot

As was my duty, I did make sure to visit Akihabara, Ikebukuro, and of course the sacred land.


It would definitely be appropriate to put a picture of Tokyo Big Sight had I not forgotten to take my camera that day. So instead, let’s skip that and go straight to the loot.



First is Tachi-Sensei’s new releases, complete with KaeYuzu Bonus Illustration Card.

Next, the C91 catalog; so that I can forever regret returning on the 30th and missing the day 2 booths, a small amount of which is pictured above.

Comiket Loot (Left) and some older doujins I managed to find at Otome Road of all places.


Yuri from Akihabara day. No idea what the bottom rightmost one is about other than it’s supposed to be gay, don’t think anyone’s translated it yet.

I read through a bit of this manga, by Hirao Auri, about a girl who became a huge idol-otaku. Think this manga but the distance between them as idol and fan are more pronounced. In this manga, watch the MC, Eripiyo, struggle to impress Maina while going spaghetti in her presence.

I’ll end off with that, let’s see what good things 2017 brings. Maybe this will be the year to match 2014’s oasis of Yuri, maybe Sakura Trick Season 2 will be announced; probably not, but one can dream.

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