Keijo!!!!!!! – First Impressions


It’s been a while since my last post, huh? I’ve recently caught up a bit on anime so it’s about time I made an update. This time I take a look at Keijo, an anime on the mastery of boobs and butts; it’ll make more sense when you watch it, maybe.

I know it’s kind of conventional to put the verdict at the end, but I thought I’d be different and put it right here for the sake of people who are allergic to differing opinions. So, I’m going to come right out and say that I really enjoyed the show, to my own surprise.


The premise is the emergence of a new popular sport, Keijo, involving girls, swimsuits and butts colliding. Think DOA extreme but with three times the action and wackiness.


The pacing is handled really well; the starting segment shows a match of Keijo viewed from the lens of our main character, Kaminashi Nozomi. This intro quickly introduces Keijo as a serious sport and establishes the fledgling status of our MC.

The next bit is matriculation scene that introduces some prominent characters. It’s a calmer scene to break up the more intense bits of the show; like the test match that we are shown right after.

While it may feel odd as a viewer, watching a sport about girls crossing butts with one another, Keijo takes itself seriously; that is, in their portrayal of the sport and the characters’ attitude towards it. There’s a weird kind of synergy between the energy of the show and the absurdity of it’s action that felt kind of endearing to me.

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