Postage! – Vocaloid Fanfic



I used to spend some time reading fan fiction in the past so I figured to start sharing some of those which I liked. Pic unrelated but I’ve been wanting to use it for a while now.

Postage!miku with a letter

In which Luka works in a mail room, Miku religiously checks on her ever empty mail box and letter writing becomes a thing.




There’s a pleasant sense in receiving a physical message, at least that’s Luka’s rationale for intruding into the yet unused mail box of Hatsune Miku. Turns out, starting a correspondence with a stranger wasn’t as simple of an operation as she’d hoped; a kindness spins into a lie, the lie into a letter and this ultimately culminates in the formation of a non-existent club. Luka finds herself struggling between wanting to know more about the girl and ending the web of lies she had inadvertently started.


I had to consult google a few times throughout, vocabulary isn’t quite my strong point and the author uses some pretty big words. It’s pretty well written, the characters feel natural and descriptive language is well used to highlight certain emotions. The pacing of the story is good for the most part though the text does get a bit too heavy towards the end.

If I had to pick what I most liked about the story, it’d be the way they speak in the story. The intentional lack of pause used to create the impression of panic; the way Luka is straight to the point with Lily and Meiko but indirect with Miku; even the difference in tone of the letters. It’s one of those things that really helps bring life to the characters.


Illustrations by keepout and Reki respectively.

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