Yuru Yuri – Now with more Yuri


With it’s quirky characters and unconventionally conventional style of humor, it isn’t hard to see why Yuru Yuri is so popular. The series has come along way since it started in 2008 and, if you’ve been keeping up, you may have noticed the shift from ‘Yuru’ to ‘Yuri’.

I’m assuming you did for the rest of this post either way.

For those who’ve watched the TV series, you’ve likely have noticed the rather jarring difference in feel between the first two seasons and the third season. Whilst still keeping to Yuru part by being a jovial and rather silly gag comedy, the characters are very much toned down and the show generally less zany. All of this, giving way for the onset of an ever slightly more serious brand of Yuri.


The fast pace gags, awkward situations and the random digression from one topic to another which sometimes leaves me thinking, “what was the point again?”. These, paired with the expressive characters and the lively atmosphere is, to me, is what made the humor effective.

The down side, however, is that this was far from ideal for portraying Yuri aspects. Which, mind you, is one half of its title. A lot of the time when there is Yuri, it’s more played for laughs than anything, exception being that one HimaSaku bit.

tsundere practice

The slower, more relaxed and less volatile third season definitely contained more in the line of what I would classify as Yuri. For example in the KyouAya movie date, where the relaxed pace really helps to bring out the HNNNGGG factor. Courtesy of trademark tsundere and best girl, Ayano.


It’s important to highlight that this change of direction in the anime is reflective of how much the manga has changed over its many years of serialization. In fact, I personally felt the movie date was gayer in the original with all the facial cues.

Case in point, here’s Kyouko inviting Ayano to a movie, manga version. Reading this the first time, it ticked off my sensors, what with Kyouko averting her eyes, presumably feigning ignorance. Perhaps I might be reading too much into it, but I’m still inclined to believe that it was intended, given the endless, subtle teasing as to the identity of Nadeshiko’s girlfriend. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time Kyouko’s used her outward personality as a front.


To talk, briefly, about how I feel about the changes, I generally like the new style more, be it the art or the characterization. Though my favorite scene is still from season 2, them maths pick up lines. In the end, it’s not easy finding resolution between the comedy and Yuri since both are the main aspects of the series, but I think they’re moving toward the right middle ground both in the manga and anime.

Art comparison


So which style did you prefer? Do you think Namori’s leaving relationship hints in the manga? Will I ever blog about an anime in the correct season? Who do you think is Nadeshiko’s girlfriend? (Though we all know it’s Megumi)

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