Schrodinger’s Strawberry



I’m pretty sure most are familiar with the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, suppose you put a cat into a box containing a device that could randomly trigger and kill the cat. Leave it for some time, it is said that the cat is both alive and dead.

For the sake of better understanding this, let’s substitute the cat with a red haired transfer student whom we shall refer to as Mary. We put Mary into a girl’s school very much detached from the rest of society. At this school, Mary meets two people, one who is prone to lewd behavior and neglects those around her, the other who will unquestioningly care for her and be by her side. Left to her own devices, Mary can be said to have both started a meaningful satisfying relationship and  one which involves sexual abuse.


On an unrelated note, it’s been about seven years since I finished watching Strawberry Panic, all 25 episodes. Too bad they went with the open ending, I would have liked to see Tamao and Nagisa’s election as the new Etoile.

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