Sasuga YouTube


It’s times like these where I realize just how useful YouTube can be as a tool to enrich oneself. So listen out, maybe you’re like me and are the kind that will skip out on all click-bait that you’ll see on front page of YouTube, but take the time to stop and look and you might just come across something enlightening.

I just got home from dinner, decided to go check YouTube for a recipe but something caught my attention.


Isn’t it great that Japanese ‘Culture’ is getting so much attention, I previously failed to see how a full body oil massage is a unique aspect of culture but this video has opened my eyes.



So I figured I’d take a look at what other wonderfully crafted videos this YouTuber has to offer, surely a reputable channel like “culture General” will have a lot to show about the various parts of Japanese culture.

quality youtuber

Oh… Well, I guess it’s a specialized channel. So yea, definitely take your time to scan through some of those recommendations.


I’ve clearly been looking at education the wrong way my whole life.

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One Response to Sasuga YouTube

  1. OG-Man says:

    This is why I do not pay attention to the recommendations in the front page most of the time.

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