Sakura Trick Episode 12 Review

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I’d like to leave it at episode 11 and pretend the anime never ended, but for the sake of completion I must brave forward. It’s the final episode, and just as I sorrow over the end of the show, our (currently) not-so-merry group prepares for the predestined separation from their upperclassmen.

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I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but there’s the kind of emphasis on expressions here which really aids in conveying the emotions of the characters. Kotone’s usually cheerful, sometimes to point that it seems like she’s trying too hard to be, but it’s clear that she’s kind of overwhelmed here. In the end, she’s kind of a softy on the inside. Yuzu, on the other hand, is a lot more open with her emotions.

Well, that act didn’t last very long. Kaedekko’s going to be like this often for the rest of the episode, so I’ll leave it for later. Instead, let’s draw our attention to the photos, something not originally in the manga. There’s a lot of happenings we don’t see and it all evokes a sense of nostalgia. It’s all these little details which really humanize the characters.

I don’t know if this is the best way to put it but, it’s like looking through a friend’s photo album, the things you knew, those you didn’t, they’re all proof of the life they’ve lived. We don’t know about the times they’ve shared, we don’t actually share Kaede’s grief over Mitsuki’s graduation, but we can empathize with that feeling.

Like I said, the expressions can tell a lot. Kaede’s taking it pretty hard. Moving on for now.


Well, judging from how they were acting all demure, they’ve probably been sneaking in a few kisses since last episode. Anyway, Yuu’s had enough of her sister’s persistent intrusion and decides it’s time to make a stand for their relationship.

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Some people are just born lucky, what I wouldn’t give to be Haruka in this situation. Aggresive Yuu-chan ♥ ~.

Well,  I can’t really blame Haruka for acting reserved in this situation, Yuu wasn’t quite thinking straight either. Of the two, Yuu seems to be more serious about their relationship while Haruka isn’t quite ready yet.

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Then there’s Mitsuki. Even if you hate her, you’ve got to admit, she’s got guts.


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The characters have grown a whole year since we first saw them. The Sakura are once again in bloom. It’s a time for goodbyes and for new beginnings. There is just one loose knot left to tie.

To look from Mitsuki’s perspective, she probably had next to zero expectations going in, but it’s a feeling she wants answered regardless. This is the dramatic peak of this series but they handled it in a style that was truly unique to ‘Sakura Trick’, nothing was blown out of proportion but it’s an event that will leave it’s mark on the three of them.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 12 [177DA7E1].mkv_snapshot_13.02_[2016.03.15_23.13.10]

This is probably the most contentious part in the anime, I’ve seen all sorts of responses, even some saying things about how the staff went anime original or how they copped out to keep non-yuri fans. Both are entirely false claims, ridiculous even. There’s a lot I’d like to explain about this scene, but that’ll be for another post which I hope to get out soon.

ST was quite a ride, it was simple but packed chock full of feelings. It’s a Zen thing that the truth often lies in what is not said, this is very much how this show is to me. It left an impression far deeper than any kind of exposition filled drama ever could.

Now just excuse me while I wait indefinitely for a season two ゜゜(´O`)°゜。

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