Sakura Trick Episode 11 Review

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Enter Sumi-Sumi Kaichou. Taking over Mitsuki’s president role is someone quite the polar opposite, both internally and externally. She’ll take on a prominent role later on in the series. Unfortunately, that only comes after what the anime has covered, so I’ll just go ahead and start on the episode proper.

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With graduation approaching, the girls are thinking of holding a farewell party for Mitsuki and Rina. Sad to say the surprise is ruined as Mitsuki ‘just happened’ to pass by their classroom. Due to their intersecting goals, the group is introduced to Sumi-chan.

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Being on the council with them, Sumi and Kaede would be the ones who’d be sad to see them go. It’s a pretty lonely feeling seeing the seniors who’ve helped you so much graduate, I’m only just starting to sympathize myself due to work. But, alas, it’s a feeling that’s held off all the way until graduation becomes too close to ignore.

Through all this, Sumi comments she hasn’t spoken to Mitsuki much. Again, we might see her as this goofy, love-struck girl, but to others, she gives off a well-composed air. So much so that she seems unapproachable to most, even Sumi.

After some exploration into ‘forbidden’ parts of the school, they get their idea and we get a boob gag at the expense of Haruka. The important part in all this is what it led to.

Which was the awakening of Haruka’s inner ‘Tachi’. Seeing this side of her really adds depth to their relationship. Kind of like she’s a different person when alone with Yuu. The Haruka we see here is pushy, confident and knows what she wants. At this point, they’re plenty clear about how their feelings for each other.

But the segment doesn’t end there, unfortunately for Haruka’s short lived confidence, which does crumble in the following seconds.

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Her jaw dropped, quite literally.

Their secret is out and Mitsuki is out on a mission to ‘protect’ her little sister. The whole scene kind of reminded me of how I’d get scolded back when I was younger, albeit for different reasons, I imagine I had that same apprehensive look on as well. It all just goes to say that the two don’t really understand what they’re doing or their relationship and what it all means.

Haruka’s all worried about the whole thing but, no worries, leave it to Kotone to make those problems disappear. It’s certainly what Haruka wanted to hear and she’s eager to carry out that plan.

Too eager. Time and place Haruka, time and place. I’d think she’s even more fired up than usual because of the ‘you’re not allowed to kiss’ thing.

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Meanwhile, Mitsuki’s not about to leave any leeway for the two, so she’ll be joining them for lunch.

Not before getting some pudding for her cute little sister of course~ Where we’ll run into Sumi in the middle of some market research.

As par for course with Sumi far, the conversation transitions into feeling up Mitsuki. Pretty amusing contrast we see here considering how Sumi’s geezer-esque fascination with her bosom was met with absolute absence of reaction.


Left alone to think through her feelings, Mitsuki finds that she herself is in no position criticize Haruka, realizing she was in love with Haruka.




Special Mention






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