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What is Yuri?

It’s a term I widely use yet I’ve come to realize that it’s an ill-defined term. Two girls kissing does not necessarily define ‘Yuri’ any better than something as simple as sharing a promise. This might be a little abstract, … Continue reading

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Sakura Trick – The Confession Issue

By which I’m referring to Haruka’s apparent obliviousness to Mitsuki’s confession of love. To be honest, this scene caught me completely off guard as well. When Sakura Trick first concluded, this part bothered me more than anything, it seemingly came out … Continue reading

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Sakura Trick Episode 12 Review

I’d like to leave it at episode 11 and pretend the anime never ended, but for the sake of completion I must brave forward. It’s the final episode, and just as I sorrow over the end of the show, our … Continue reading

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Sakura Trick Episode 11 Review

Enter Sumi-Sumi Kaichou. Taking over Mitsuki’s president role is someone quite the polar opposite, both internally and externally. She’ll take on a prominent role later on in the series. Unfortunately, that only comes after what the anime has covered, so … Continue reading

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Hyperdimension Neptunia

It’s been a month since I last made a post? Well I’ve been occupied with things recently, just a lot of things happening in my life recently, like Arkham Knight, Neptunia VII and Kindred Spirits on the Roof… Yup, real … Continue reading

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