Sakura Trick Episode 8 Review

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The culprit is…

We start off with a short bonus this time. Yuu’s been working hard, she’s planning to surprise Haruka with some colorful results in the next test. In case anyone forgot, this is a throwback to episode 2.

Our first segment puts our couple in a wedding situation, not their own though, sadly.

Don’t go trying to hit on this man’s daughter now, you don’t know what he’ll do. Fortunately, Haruka’s got it covered, he won’t have to worry about her getting a husband, she’s got someone much better in mind.

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Misunderstandings happen, and Yuu thinks they’ll be tying the knot. While that turned out to be a huge false alarm, the two make their own little oath to each other. (Japan better endorse marriage equality soon)

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I never found weddings to be magical before, but I couldn’t help being touched, seeing our young and hopeful couple so entranced in the moment.

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Best part of the whole wedding was of course the bride’s dad. That’s one way of giving your blessing.

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Even in Winter, Sakura blossoms

I love Mitsuki for moments like these. She’s not exactly a counselor, and her words come out really awkward, but she’s trying her best to help as a big sister.

And here is what’s bothering her little sister.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 08 [321C19CF].mkv_snapshot_16.53_[2015.12.19_22.04.25]

Their feelings haven’t changed yet there is a distance between the two.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 08 [321C19CF].mkv_snapshot_18.35_[2015.12.19_22.07.53]

“I want her to look me in the eyes like usual and talk to me like she always does.”

It’s a mysterious and endearingly painful emotion. There’s a beauty to it that can’t quite be put into words, it is to be seen and felt.



[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 08 [321C19CF].mkv_snapshot_21.55_[2015.12.19_22.29.59]

Now excuse me while I proceed to lay on my bed for a while.






I didn’t write much this time, somehow I felt like the less I said, the better it’d get the point across.

Interestingly, this is the first time that the narrative is centered on Yuu’s perspective, serving to highlight Yuu’s emotional dependency on Haruka. It’s a two way thing.


One last thought though, I couldn’t help but wonder,

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 08 [321C19CF].mkv_snapshot_05.27_[2015.12.18_10.58.30]

why is Yuu so huggable?

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