Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni

I wasn’t fond of Dynasty Warriors but this looks fun as heck. I was kind of tempted to get into SK but never really got around to buying it. This might actually be a good entry point.

Yuri and cute girls beating things up, this is just an awesomeness I can’t overlook.


Interviews with creator

The guy’s just really honest and blunt about what he likes. The extreme fanservice is something that’s more of a put off than a draw to me. But seeing his comment here on SK, I feel better about it somehow.

What could you do, or what have you done, to make the games more inviting to people who might be discouraged by the degree of fanservice in the game?

Takaki: There are voices I’ve heard say that while they don’t mind clothes being ripped off in battle because that makes sense in context, characters appearing fairly undressed during talking scenes or adventure mode cutscenes is too jarring. I hear what they’re saying, but that is sort of the essence of Senran Kagura in the first place. If they can overlook that, I’d be happy… but there’s also an option in Deep Crimson that allows players to view the cutscenes without costumes or practical nudity… that sort of thing.



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One Response to Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni

  1. AkumaChan says:

    Well at least there’s yuri and echhi moments in store :3 Can’t wait for the new Senran Kagura Versus Estival coming out in America !


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