Madoka – The world after Rebellion

We have little hint of what the world Homura created is like, from the little glimpse we see at the end, it seems like a pretty happy albeit unstable place. Which is a point Homura apologists tend to bring up.

But we know nothing in this world is free. So what’s the cost?

There are 2 things which hint at the state of the world as created by Homura, neither are directly given in the story. First is this code printed on the patio umbrella here.


Rune reads: “The eternal recurrence of the same”

The other hint lies in the lyrics of the OP and ED, ‘Colorful’ and ‘Your Silver Garden’. These songs talk of an endless beginning and cycling time

The world as it is now, much like Homura herself, continues to go in circles. Progress is eternally put on hold, a world devoid of hopes of tomorrow.

By becoming a saviour of all Mahou Shoujo, Madoka chose to respect every one of those girls’ wishes, opening a path where hope does not have to end in despair.

“If someone tells me that it’s wrong to hope, I’ll tell them they’re wrong every time” – Kaname Madoka

Those girls made wishes because they bore hope, struggling for what they believed in. They continue to fight, risking their lives, because they each have something worth fighting for.

By becoming an entity opposite of Madoka, Homura disregards these wishes, closing the path to the future.

Is that really bad though? In Sayaka’s own words:

“Tell me, is this really so bad? We don’t have to fight anyone. We can all live, working together. Is the heart that wished for that so sinful that it needs to be destroyed?”

There is a really warped sense of morality here, leading us to question what is really right or wrong. Like the lyrics of Colorful say, this isn’t a world of black and white.


I’m leaning toward the it’s LOVE group, MadoHomu one is pretty tempting though

To end off on a lighter note, Madoka is a story of hope. Rebellion may have taken a much different route, but it is the same.

Your Silver Garden

Toward the endless beginning,

and towards the true ending


We’re still transparent and we can be dyed in any color

So let’s make our dreams come true

I’ll get over the memories of that day when I made a promise with you and go from the past now
to the tomorrow that no one knows about

Rebellion has paved the way for a world where having Madoka eternally separated from reality doesn’t have to be the solution. Like Saitou-san (Homura’s VA) said, it is a story of new beginnings.

Rune translations

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4 Responses to Madoka – The world after Rebellion

  1. OG-Man says:

    Reblogged this on The Yuri Nation and commented:
    To follow up on Shoujo Aisha’s previous Homura themed editorial here’s one covering the world.

    Once again Madoka Rebellion spoilers ahead.

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  2. NemoPrime says:

    I am a weird combination of: every “Homura was right” group, every “Homura is kawaii” group, the “QB schadenfreude” group, the first 3 plus the 5th “Homura was wrong” groups, the “it’s LOVE (or more accurately PASSION)” group, and the “fuck everything else, Madoka’s reunited with her family and that’s what matters the most to me right now” group.


  3. Thedude3445 says:

    Homura’s new world being an endless cycle of complacency, just like her witch lair, is pretty much a perfect manifestation of all her character flaws. She ended up driving herself into obsession through her countless time loops, and her entire wish in the first place was to save Madoka and keep her safe, i.e. the status quo. I absolutely love how much depth The Rebellion has, and lament every time I see people mentioning how the movie was unnecessary or how Homura was out-of-character, because neither of those things are true at all.

    Do I think Homura did the right thing by essentially sacrificing herself, turning herself into the villain and manipulating every aspect of Madoka’s life in order to keep her happy? Nope. But I absolutely empathize with everything she did. I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same in her position.

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