Sakura Trick Episode 3 Review

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 03 [2E95E8A0].mkv_snapshot_02.00_[2015.11.19_11.41.27]

Mornings are always tough

We see Yuu’s big sister for the first time this episode, she doesn’t take mornings so well.

A triple whammy for Yuu. It’s all ok though, since Haruka’s not letting this go without a fight.


Mitsuki’s pretty serious during meetings and that atmosphere is getting to Haruka but she doesn’t back down. I don’t know who fed her the idea to dress-up, but that’s going to be one embarrassing story.


And we see another side of Kotone, bold and headstrong, not succumbing to circumstances. Haruka’s more or less given up, the council’s reasons are clearly stated and fair. Despite that, Kotone says ‘you have to fight for what you want, this chance won’t come again.’

I really love Haruka for going as far as she did with the cheerleading thing, on top of embarrasing herself earlier, she shrugs away her initial rejection and stops the council to plead with them. Recall, Haruka used to be that ‘no-friends’ person in middle school. Surely none of that was easy for someone introverted as herself, she’s way out of her comfort zone.

Now, from an outsider’s POV, Haruka is really being overbearing and unreasonable in her demands. Mitsuki wouldn’t be wrong to refuse her here, but her passion really bore through and it worked out in the end.

Turns out, Haruka’s passion struck through not just Mitsuki but her little sister as well. All those emotions are conveyed with a kiss, simple and direct, it really gives a natural feel.

Sure enough, the more common romance route would have them talking over the incident for a few minutes, but sometimes, the importance lies in what is not said.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 03 [2E95E8A0].mkv_snapshot_13.31_[2015.11.19_13.53.28]

Cutting the moment short will be the dearest big sister, Mitsuki, in her eagerness to see who this Haruka person is. In a similar vein to Haruka, Mitsuki seems to have a habit of overthinking, going through the why and how as she struggles (mentally) to open the door.


[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 03 [2E95E8A0].mkv_snapshot_13.48_[2015.11.19_14.12.10]

I was gonna call the classic misunderstandings moment here, but I realized there’s nothing to misunderstand, that they were actually kissing. Ah, how glorious, this show.


[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 03 [2E95E8A0].mkv_snapshot_15.31_[2015.11.19_14.24.09]

Pool Cleaning Equipment

It’s our group turn to clean the pool and I must say, Kotone and Shizuku really set the example for team effort this episode.

Later in the shed, our couple stumbles across some fake sakura petals.

Remember that scene where Yuu ‘forgets’ about their kiss? I said back in my episode 1 review that I’d bring it up again. We get an introspective of Haruka from back then, but what we didn’t see was Yuu’s side. Unlike the act she put on back then, Yuu certainly seems to remember it here.

Anyway, back to this episode.

After Haruka brings up their memories from back then, the usually energetic Yuu is taken into a sentimental mood, not noticing a petal landing on her nose.

Clearing up the pun-filled misunderstanding, Yuu throws the CUTEST tantrum ever. Man, I can totally see why Haruka loves her so much, Yuu is just too cute.


Random Thoughts:


  • Must have watched too much Yuru Yuri, mistook Kaede for Yui here.
  • Rina talking.
  • Gushing about Yuu’s really destroying the tone of this post.


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