Artist Spotlight: Minato Hitori

A_Heartwarming_Tale_of_Butts_and_Piles  FamilyLife

I thought it’d be nice change of pace to talk about one of my favourite Touhou artists, Minato Hitori, author of such works as ‘Transformation’ and ‘Autumn Samadhi’.

His works haven’t been scanlated, so chances are that you have not heard of his manga. Thankfully however, some translations can be found on Danbooru (Minato’s works are SFW[?], but the site itself is NSFW)


Here is a classic story from Hitori, a tragic story of loss leading to despair, teaching us the importance of finding new hope in our tough times.


On the lighter side, he tells the tale of aspiring mangaka making their debut in Comiket, giving us a glimpse of the trials and tribulations faced in the making of manga.

I hope this post will help create an appreciation for these meaningful works.

“I think the people who draw manga that can be shown to their parents are really admirable.” – Minato Hitori

For a list of his compiled works, follow this link.

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