Sakura Trick Episode 2 Review

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 02 [B70FB8E0].mkv_snapshot_01.45_[2015.11.17_10.59.51]

Our protagonists meet up to head to school together, I’m going to guess this is a daily ritual.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 02 [B70FB8E0].mkv_snapshot_02.22_[2015.11.17_11.01.37]

On the other hand, some students get to ride to school on their neat little bike. I haven’t really seen this kind of scooter being referenced in anime before, apparently they’re banned in a number schools.

We get a small exchange between the characters which tells us Shizuku is usually more gloomy and Kaede’s supposed to be more of a stoic person. Really liked how the play on perspectives here introduces us to our side characters without interrupting the flow of the show.

Since our first time seeing the clique get acquainted probably about 2 months have passed, judging by their uniform. There’s an understanding that they have gotten closer off-screen since we first saw them.


Watching this part again, I realized Kotone only mentioned her mother. Checking with the manga, Shizuku’s an only child with a single parent. It makes sense to me, I feel single parent children tend to be introverted and she does seem the more thrifty of the group.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 02 [B70FB8E0].mkv_snapshot_03.54_[2015.11.17_16.33.58]

Back to the show, we see a little more of our ‘Other Sakura Color’. And our cast’s reaction to this is…

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 02 [B70FB8E0].mkv_snapshot_04.00_[2015.11.17_11.18.28]

Varying Degrees of Want

I can’t really read what Yuu’s thinking about now, perhaps she’s just reminded of her own little secret? I wonder if Yuu’s views toward love right now is similar to how some children view smoking and alcohol, like something bad you shouldn’t do. Maybe a “you can’t talk about things like that” kind of feeling.


Kotone does seem the most free-spirited of the group, which is probably why Kaede and Yuzu are pointing out how odd this would be to other people. Now, this comment is really interesting to hear coming from Kaede, but that’s a discussion I’ll leave for future.


Yuzu probably thinks of it kind of like how some Westerners kiss as a greeting rather than something of a romantic nature. They’ve both been with Kotone since middle school, so they know she acts differently than most, because she’s loaded. Meanwhile, our Yurirific Protag’s views are…




I really love how Yuu took a roundabout to give Haruka the ‘ok’ here.

So how’s Shizuku holding up in all this? She’s upset, not with the show of intimacy, but with the fact that Kotone talks nothing about her in that little dialogue.

Yuu seems to be good at understanding introverted people, maybe because she’s always with Haruka. Turns out that Shizuku isn’t the only one running away from her problems as Yuu gets dragged off for not turning in her homework.

Shizuku’s finally starting to understand that she’s not the only one thinking about what happened. Despite what her usual carefree attitude might suggest, Kotone also has her own insecurities and worries.

And thus we have our other sakura colored beginning.

It’s been 2 months since these two’s friendship became ‘special’ yet Haruka is still unsure about how Yuu feels about kissing, no doubt Haruka will continue to being overly worried but bit by bit, she’ll certainly start to feel more confident about their relationship.

At this point I’m only halfway through the episode and this post already feels long-winded so I figure I should cut this into halves.[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 02 [B70FB8E0].mkv_snapshot_03.17_[2015.11.17_11.16.54]


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