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Sakura Trick Episode 5 Review


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Madoka – The world after Rebellion

We have little hint of what the world Homura created is like, from the little glimpse we see at the end, it seems like a pretty happy albeit unstable place. Which is a point Homura apologists tend to bring up. … Continue reading

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Valkyrie Drive – Coming out of the closet

So I was just watching episode 7 and they really got me good. No, I don’t mean Akira, who didn’t see that one coming. The one I’m surprised at is… Our virgin girl here, wait, can she still be considered … Continue reading

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Sakura Trick Episode 4 Review

For a change, the episode starts with Yuu trying to give Haruka a wake up kiss. Turns out the Napkin-girl was playing possum and she’s a real tease about it.

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Sakura Trick Episode 3 Review

We see Yuu’s big sister for the first time this episode, she doesn’t take mornings so well.

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Artist Spotlight: Minato Hitori

   I thought it’d be nice change of pace to talk about one of my favourite Touhou artists, Minato Hitori, author of such works as ‘Transformation’ and ‘Autumn Samadhi’.

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Sakura Trick Episode 2 Review Continued

Tests are round the corner but Yuu has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to studying. The fate of their continued highschool life together is now in Haruka’s hands.

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